Why Portugal

Dive into why Portugal is becoming one of the most attractive places for companies looking to establish a tech centre

what make Portugal unique​​

Portugal Tech Talent


  • Highly-qualified IT resources
  • Attraction of IT nomads from Europe and Brazil
  • Very high English proficiency

Portugal Incentives

Legislation & Incentives

  • Access to European funds
  • R&D tax benefits
  • Access to employment incentives

Portugal Location & Culture

Location & Culture

  • GMT time zone
  • Trendy expat destination - safety, weather, food, environment and health
  • Political and social stability

Portugal IT Ecosystem

IT Ecosystem

  • Several successful Tech Centres (BMW, Mercedes, Farfetch, Natixis, Teamviewer, etc)
  • Fast growing IT ecosystem
  • Network of Science and Technology Parks

who we are

We are driven to elevate our tech talent, providing them with the best conditions to provoke a real impact on our clients. We have experience hiring engineering talent worldwide, with particular focus on Portugal and Brazil.