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build-operate-transfer (BOT)

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT), Impacting Talent

Nearshore your next Tech Centre in Portugal with our market expertise.

Our BOT model is an outsourcing method in which we are hired to build, operate, and eventually transfer to the client the ownership of an IT operation while it’s running.

Our holistic approach includes setup infrastructure, recruiting IT, legal and financial support, and other customized services per requirements and needs. It is easier, faster, and more cost-effective.

staff augmentation

We provide tech experts to our clients so they can achieve their goals in a faster, more efficient, and flexible way.

After allocating the right talent in the right context, our role assumes another dimension: we follow up closely with our client and our talent to ensure a smooth adjustment to each other and a steady win-win sustainable growth.

Staff Augmentation, Impacting Talent
Headhunting, Impacting Talent


We identify and select the best tech talent for our client’s culture and tech requirements.

We act as a knowledge mediator that saves time and increases the success of streamlined hiring for both sides.

project development​

We use our expertise in technology and people to set up highly-skilled teams driven to embrace demanding projects.

We put the right talent working together towards the same goal, ensuring quick ramp-up times, thoughtful and scalable solutions, and with cost reduction for the client.

Project Development​, Impacting Talent

We offer specialized ChatGPT Studio and other Generative AI Services that help businesses achieve their goals.

We have fully dedicated engineers in this area, and together with our team of experienced consultants we help companies using cutting-edge technology to improve efficiency, enhance the customer experience, and provide a competitive edge in today’s market.

our process


It all starts by deeply knowing our clients’ needs and expectations regarding tech knowledge depth, experience, potential, cultural fit, and other relevant points according to the position and company.

And the same happens with our tech talent. Our primary concern is to understand if this is the right challenge for the talent. So we vet each talent in the keystones of the specific position/company and we follow a solid selecting process to deliver a shortlist of matching profiles for the client’s final decision.

We call it cherry-picking.