Finding the Right Location for Your IT Hub in Europe: A Comparative Approach

Comparative Approach, Insights

​​As the IT industry continues to grow and become more global, it can be challenging for companies to attract and retain top talent. One solution for businesses is to establish IT hubs in strategic locations. But with so many options available, it’s important to carefully consider which European country will best meet your company’s needs.

In this article, we will make a comparative approach between four potential locations in Europe for an IT Hub: Portugal, Poland, Ukraine and Romania.

We will analyze key factors such as the availability of skilled software engineers and the technology expertise in each location. Thereby you can make informed decisions on where to establish your Tech Center.

Important factors to consider before establishing and IT Hub

Talent Pool

When it comes to the talent pool, all four countries – Portugal, Poland, Ukraine and Romania – offer a good supply of qualified software engineers at affordable rates. According to LinkedIN data, these are the number of developers in each country:

When it comes to qualifications, the percentage of graduates amongst software engineers in each country is as follows:

These percentages give an indication of the software engineers’ education and training levels. Although Portugal is the smallest country in terms of population, it has the highest percentage of graduated software engineers, followed by Romania.

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