Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)

Nearshore your next Tech Centre in Portugal with our market expertise​

what is BOT​

Our BOT model is an outsourcing method in which we are hired to build, operate, and eventually transfer to the client the ownership of an IT operation while it’s running.

Our holistic approach includes building up your tech team, recruiting IT talent, setting up infrastructures, providing legal support, ramping up operations, optimizing processes, and delivering customized services aligned with your specific requirements and needs.

And after a predetermined period, typically after 12 to 24 months, we hand over the operation to you, while running.

Major advantages include quicker setup time, lower risk and local benefits.

3 stages of BOT​

The BOT model consists of the 3 phases: build, operate, and transfer. Let’s dive into the stages to better understand what goes on and what to expect.

Stages of BOT, Impacting Talent

services we offer

benefits of the build-operate-transfer model

Avoid the time and effort required to set up operations in a foreign country

Benefit from the expertise in building and operating IT teams in Portugal, minimizing risks.

Take advantage of the local talent pool

what makes us unique

16 years building teams

Large experience vetting engineers

Focus on tech and cultural match

Close follow-up of talent and customer for a great fit

Active listening of customer’s needs and requirements