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+16 years building tech teams and creating the best conditions for their success

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We believe that tech talent applied to the right projects can deliver better results and boost people’s careers.

About us, Impacting Talent

We have experience hiring engineering talent worldwide, with particular focus on Portugal and Brazil.

We are driven to elevate our tech talent, providing them with the best conditions to provoke a real impact on our clients. Our activity is anchored in transparency and trusty relationships with our tech talent and clients.

This is our way to foster the tech ecosystem.

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of our recruitment is sourced through our extensive network of contacts
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of our team members have over 10 years of experience
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of our team members have previously held CTO positions
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of our clients have reported satisfaction with our services 4++
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We stand for the best tech talent. We gather unique experts and assign them to the right projects. We boost their development, so they can have a massive impact on our clients. We are keen to elevate the tech ecosystem, from Portugal to the World.


Leading an exclusive community of tech talent, recognised worldwide by its finest standards.


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